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Tailored Kit

Tailored Kit

Camphor | Agarbatti (Incense Sticks) | Cotton Wicks | Turmeric Powder | Kumkum Powder | Sandal Tablets | Dhoop Cones

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Discover our Tailored Puja Kit, meticulously crafted to embrace the essence of ancient rituals while meeting modern-day needs. Inside, you’ll find:

Pure Camphor (30gms): Also known as ‘Karpuram’ in Tamil and ‘Karpooram’ in Telugu, camphor is famed for its clean, refreshing aroma. Scientifically, camphor purifies the environment by acting as a natural air freshener. When burned during rituals, it produces oxygen, aiding in the creation of a serene, pure atmosphere for worship.

Agarbatti (Incense Sticks) (120Pcs): Often referred to as ‘Dhoop’ in various regions and ‘Agarbatthi’ in Kannada, these incense sticks serve dual purposes. They fill the air with divine, calming scents, and scientifically, the smoke from the incense can have antimicrobial properties, keeping the ritual area sanitized.

Cotton Wicks (180Pcs): Known as ‘Vattulu’ in Telugu and ‘Thiri’ in Tamil, these wicks, when soaked in oil or ghee and lit, provide a steady flame, symbolizing the dispelling of darkness and ignorance.

Turmeric Powder (50gms): Called ‘Haldi’ in various regions and ‘Manjal Podi’ in Tamil, turmeric is a staple in every ritual due to its vibrant color and symbolic purity. Scientifically, turmeric has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, purifying the environment and ensuring a holistic ambiance.

Kumkum Powder (50gms): Known as ‘Kunkumam’ in Tamil and ‘Kumkuma’ in Telugu, it is a bright red powder, representing honor and is usually applied on the forehead during ceremonies. Kumkum, in essence, activates the ‘Ajna chakra’ or the third eye, facilitating concentration during prayers.

Sandal Tablets (50gms): Also called ‘Chandan’ in various regions, these tablets, when mixed with water, produce a calming paste. Sandalwood is renowned for its cooling effect and pleasing fragrance, creating a calming environment optimal for devotion.

Dhoop Cones (30Pcs): Similar to incense sticks but with a different composition, ‘Dhoop’ intensifies the spiritual atmosphere with its rich aroma. It acts as a natural insect repellent and the smoke produced can purify the environment.

This Puja set is the ultimate choice for those searching for a comprehensive solution, encompassing every facet of traditional rituals. Elevate your practices to a deeper, more meaningful level with this exhaustive essentials kit.