Subhaprada®: Reviving Tradition in a Divine Manner

In today’s fast-paced world, where commercial interests often sideline genuine tradition, I felt a deep-seated urge to intervene. As someone who frequently participates in pooja rituals and understands the spiritual seeker’s journey, I’ve personally experienced the challenges posed by the current market. Too often, high prices and chemically-laden products deviate from the authentic spirit of our rituals. It was these observations that led to the birth of Subhaprada®.

My vision was clear: to establish an oasis for individuals yearning for genuine and high-quality pooja products. At Subhaprada®, our commitment extends beyond mere commerce. We’re driven by our core values of quality, affordability, and trust. I invite you to experience our offerings and feel the difference of a brand that champions tradition while keeping pace with modern needs.

K S P Anushita – CEO


Meet the guiding forces behind Subhaprada®. With roots in tradition and eyes on the future, their unique experiences drive our mission and inspire trust.

A S L Ganapathi Kumar

Founder & Director

K S P Anushita

CEO & Director

Our Mission & Vision

At Subhaprada®, our mission is to bridge the gap between ancient knowledge and the modern world by delivering cutting-edge solutions.

We envision a future where Subhaprada® stands as a robust digital divine ecosystem. An ecosystem where quantity doesn’t overshadow quality and where customers place their trust not just in our products, but in our values.


Our secret is simple. We are the manufacturers. By overseeing the production process from start to finish, we eliminate middlemen, ensuring cost savings are passed directly to our customers.

We believe in transparency and fairness. Unlike some e-commerce platforms that inflate prices only to offer fake discounts later, we price our products honestly from the get-go.

Our pooja kits are meticulously curated with an emphasis on quality and authenticity. We ensure that every item in our kit adheres to traditional practices while being produced in a safe and chemical-free environment.

We prioritize safeguarding both your health and your money. By choosing us, you’re opting for safer, more trustworthy products.

Yes, we highly value customer feedback. It plays a pivotal role in our continuous improvement. We encourage our users and customers to share their insights, which helps us refine our products and services.